Sweet Farm Day Tour is a ‘Real Treat’

c5a3b5_092f3619f3a04109a9b2ef4d134e1115.jpg_srz_p_814_374_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzDay Tour includes a farmer guided tour

 ‘Sweet Farm Tours’ Sugar & Cocoa

Ten years ago, Daintree Estates was little more than a wild idea to do something no one in Australia had ever been game to try: to grow cocoa in Far North Queensland, then use that locally grown cocoa to create the finest quality chocolate, and do it in the most ethical and equitable way possible.

From pods to product Located in the pristine hearr959139_10301350t of the Daintree region, Daintree Cocoa grows young cocoa trees in the nursery facilities on the estates of their growers. Many of these growers are third and fourth generation farmers in the region.

All are passionate about maintaining the Daintree as it is and practising farming techniques that minimise the impact on this pristine environment.


mossman marketsTour Includes

  • Return Coach  Cairns to Mossman and the Whyanbeel Valley
  • Stop at Mossman Country Markets  for local produce & craft
  • Morning Tea & Chocolate Tasting
  • Farmer guided Sweet Farm Tour
  • Lunch* stop at High Falls Restaurant
  • AfternoonCaptain Cook Highway Tea at the old “Halfway House”

Our journey takes us north along the scenic coastal road  to the beautiful Whyanbeel Valley with its many acres of sugar-cane set against a lush backdrop of rainforested hills.

We follow a meandering road past picturesque creeks, tropical fruit farms and gardens you may also catch a glimpse of the impressive High Falls cascading down the hillside above you.

Whyanbeel is the local Aboriginal name for a canoe

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Saturday 25 July 8:30am -4.00pm $79pp* “You’re in for a Real Treat”

Sweet Farm Tour A*Lunch is at own cost

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