Qld Repatriation Spouse/Partner

Spouse/Partner of Queensland Repatriation  Health Care Card Holders (Endorsed TPI or EDA)

Spouse/Partner Rail EntitlementsVeterans Affairs

All spouses and partners of Queensland Repatriation Health Care Card (Endorsed TPI or EDA) recipients that do not hold a Queensland Pension Concession Card are required to obtain a confirmation letter from the Department of Veteran Affairs’ to access their four (4) annual rail travel entitlements. The letter is valid for twelve 12 months and a new letter will need to be obtained each year prior to the expiry of the original letter. If a spouse or partner or a Queensland Repatriation Health Care Card (endorsed TPI or EDA) recipient receives a pension and holds a Queensland Pension Concession Card (PCC) they will not require the confirmation letter. They simply need to have a valid Queensland PCC at the time of ticketing to access their entitlements. All entitlements are recorded in Queensland Rail’s reservation computer system and are deducted when the ticket is purchased.

Dependent Children

Spouses and partners who have dependant children under 16 years of age and attend primary or secondary school need to have the child/ren listed on the confirmation letter or Queensland Pension Concession Card to be eligible for concessional travel when the spouse/partner travels. The letter must include the name and date of birth of each child. Meals and berth fees for both the spouse or partner and child/ren are payable as additional charges.

Your four (4) spouse/partner travel entitlements, entitle you to one (1) of the following –

  • Economy Seat: Four (4) one-way trips using one (1) entitlement for each trip
  • Business Seat: Two (2) one-way trips using two (2) entitlements for each trip
  • Triple Sleeping Berth: Four (4) one-way trips using one (1) entitlement for each trip*
  • Twin Sleeping Berth: Two (2) one-way trips using two (2) entitlements for each trip*
  • Single Sleeping Berths: Two (2) one way trips using two (2) entitlements for each trip*

*A berth fee is payable as an additional charge.


A non refundable administration fee of $25 applies for the use of each entitlement, in addition to any berth fees. Rebooking, cancellation and itinerary amendments will incur a fee under most circumstances. All seats and sleepers must be pre-booked. Due to limited availability it is recommended to book well in advance.


  • Prices listed above do not include any Trainlink/Railbus coach services (ie Hervey Bay, Yeppoon or Whitsundays).
  • The listed prices are only for Queensland Concession Card holder with sufficient entitlements remaining.
  • While pensioners from other states may receive vouchers, they are only valid for travel within their own state.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • When all four (4) travel entitlements have been used up for the calendar year you will receive up to a 50% discount on the full adult rail fare on presentation of a current Queensland Pension concession card.
  • All Queensland Pension concession card holders also receive up to 50% off all Country Link services (NSW Rail). Effective for travel dates from 1 April 2013.
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