The Spirit of Queensland Tilt Train

003_spirit-of-queensland_external_10644x7819_jpg croppedThe new Spirit of Queensland combines modern seating and entertainment options with the romance of long distance rail travel. Contemporary, comfortable and designed for relaxation the newest edition to the Queensland Rail Travel Fleet offers new features that will redefine the modern rail travel experience. The Spirit of Queensland has launched an Australian first-The revolutionary RailBed   Ask a Question or Make a Booking The Railbed is a spacious and comfortable seat by day that includes a state-of-the-art personal entertainment system, 240v powerpoint and a USB point. In the evening the onboard team will convert the seat to a lie-flat bed, with all linen provided.



  • All main meals served directly to your seat
  • Personal entertainment featuring a large screen with on-demand movies, music and audio books
  • Seat features include reading light, footrest, drink holder, 240v power adaptor and USB charging Towel and personal amenity pack with Queensland organic and sustainable
  • products
  •  All bed linen provided ( sheets,duvet & pillow)
  •  RailBed customers may check-in two (2) items of luggage not exceeding 20kg each (44 pounds) plus one item of carry on hand luggage free of charge
  • Carry on luggage for under set or overhead compartments is maximum size of 23cmx 34cmx48cm and maximum weight of 20kg


  • Set recline to 35°005_spirit-of-queensland_railbed_3000x1841
  • Pitch 2065mm
  • Configuration 1:2
  • Aisle width 500mm
  • 240v power access
  • USB access for charging devices
  • Headphone jack for the entertainment system
  • Bed length- Window – 1900mm, Aisle – 1700mm
  • Bed width – 515mm – Mattress depth –  75mm
  • Gap between aisle bed and RailBed in front – 250mm
  • Gap between window bed and RailBed in front – 50mm
  • Seat cushion width – 588mm
  • Screen size 50cm diagonally (18.5 inches)

Premium Economy

In addition to launching the new RailBeds the Spirit of Queensland introduces new full leather premium economy seats. These seats are the very latest in seating technology to provide a truly comfortable ride and very generous leg room.

Premium Economy Seats also all have state-of-the-art personal entertainments systems.



  • Personal Entertainment system offering on demand movies, music and audio books
  • Overhead lockers and luggage racks
  • Premium Economy Seat customers may check in one (1) item of luggage not exceeding 20kg each (44 pounds) plus one item of carry on luggage free of charge


Specifications Tilt Train configurtion

  • Seat recline – 30°
  • Pitch – 1080mm
  • Configuration 2:2
  • Aisle width 483mm
  • Screen size 22.6cm diagonally (8.9 inches)

On board facilities available to all passengers