Tour Cape York in a Day

Your CAPE YORK adventure begins with “wheels up” from Cairns airport at 7.00am – Return approx 5.30pm

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 Walk on the Northern most point of Australia

You will be flying to and driving through some of the most remote country in the world,  covering approximately 2,000 kilometres during the day.

  • See well over 300km of LOW LEVEL viewing parts of the Great Barrier Reef that very few people ever see.
  • You will see some of the most inaccessible scenery in the world as we fly over Daintree, Cape Tribulation, Cooktown, The Howick Island Group, Iron Range National Park and Lockhart River, sand cays, hundreds of km’s or remote beaches and major areas of World Heritage Rainforests of North Qld
  • See World Heritage Rainforests, Rivers, Waterfalls and beaches of Cape York.
  • Fantastic views of Princess Charlotte Bay with highlights of the flight, the Family group of Islands
  • Stand on the Northern most point of Australia with 1 foot in the Pacific Ocean and 1 foot in the Arafura Sea
  • Lunch is included and is served from the bus under the trees on Fangipani Beach..Australia’s most northern beach
  • We drive through the indigenous communities of Seisa and Bamagacape york 17

WHAT cape york 6TO BRING

Come dressed in light clothing   Comfortable walking shoes       Sun Cream and a shady hat


Most importantly..bring your camera to capture the amazing views of Cape York from the air. Wide angle lenses work well from the aircraft and help capture the immensity of the reefs and rainforests

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The cost of the day tour is $1599.00 p.p. all inclusive.



 We look forward to welcoming you onboard


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