ANZAC Tour 2018 Rabaul

 The Gallipoli of the Pacific ANZAC Tour 23 – 27 April 2018  







Commemorate ANZAC Day where it all began!


Visit the spot where the first Australians to die in the Great War are buried, reflect at the Memorial for Lark Force on
the courageous but futile defence of the Battle for Rabaul and commemorate ANZAC Day in the shadow of Rabaul’s
majestic volcanoes.

Tour includes economy airfares, airport transfers, all tours, accommodation and all meals.
Price from: Ex Cairns – twin share $2270*pp, single $2870*. Ex Brisbane – twin share $2400*pp, single $3000*.
Ex Sydney – twin share $2625*pp, single $3225*. Additional night – twin share $350, single $500.
*Based on instant purchase airfares, as of 7/9/17.


Day One 23rd April “WARWAGAI – WELCOME”
Depart Australia to Tokua Airport-Rabaul via Port Moresby; Upon arriving in Rabaul you will be met by Susie McGrade and taken to the Rabaul Hotel. This will be our base for the duration of the trip. The hotel is along famous Mango Ave in old down town Rabaul. The street together with the huge mango trees, were completely bombed to
rubble during the war and rebuilt until almost destroyed again during the twin volcanic eruptions of 1994. One of the oldest hotels in Papua New Guinea, the RH has hosted many celebrities including HRH Prince Andrew and witnessed some amazing periods of history. After getting settled in our rooms, we will indulge in “Kulaus” (coconut
water) and other cocktails poolside, as we attend the official “Ki’bung – Welcome to Rabaul”, sponsored by Miss Susie, mein host. Although her family is originally from Scotland, Miss Susie was born in Rabaul. Susie attended boarding school in Brisbane and is now a PNG Citizen and managed the family hotel since 2000.
This will be followed by a Pre-Dinner presentation in the Conference Room, prior to our evening meal in the famous “Phoenix Room” Restaurant.

Day Two 24th April “RABAUL HIGHLIGHTS”
After a traditional hearty Rabaul breakfast of Kulau (coconut water), tropical fruits, eggs, bacon, toast, PNG Tea & Coffee, etc, get set for a full day Tour of Rabaul, including Lark Force 2/22nd Memorial, Montevideo Maru Memorial, Rabaul Museum, Yamamoto’s Bunker, Peace Memorial, the Japanese Barge Tunnels and underground
Japanese Tunnel Hospital. After lunch we will then travel to the north side to visit the Submarine Base and trek up the hill to see the tunnels and Japanese Gun which overlooks the entrance to Rabaul. We will return home in time for a swim and cocktails, before heading into the Phoenix Room early for dinner to enjoy our hearty Chinese banquet and an early night in preparation for a early wake up call.

Day Three 25th April ANZAC DAY “LEST WE FORGET”
Before dawn we will rise and slowly walk down (transport is provided if guests do not wish to walk) Mango Ave, guided by the bamboo flames, reflecting on all those that died during theatres of war. We will arrive at the Rabaul Cenotaph and take our seats for the ANZAC Dawn Service. Following the dawn service, we will walk to the yacht club for the gunfire breakfast. After breakfast, we will freshen up at the hotel before heading out to Bitapaka for the 11 am service hosted by the Australian High Commission. Lunch will follow at the famous “Ralum Club”, near the original home of Queen Emma and then onto Kokopo War Museum. We head back to the Rabaul Hotel for a swim and dinner in the Phoenix Restaurant. After dinner, we take in the day’s events in the function room and listen to key note addresses by members of the Rabaul Historical Society.

Day Four 26th April “WE WILL REMEMBER THEM”
Today we will be visiting the smoking Tavurvur volcano and natural bubbling hot springs. A local from Matupit village will tell the story of the Rabaul volcanoes and recent eruptions and the force of nature. During the war, the Japanese Imperial Army built baths here and frequented with their ‘comfort’ women. We will then drive over the
Japanese built “Lakunai” airport and visit the last remains of a crashed Betty Bomber at Matupit Island and the Japanese gun on the Matupit beach. You will also visit the world-renowned volcano observatory on top of the famous “Tunnel Hill”. Guests will return to the hotel for lunch and an afternoon siesta. At 1700 hours, we will make our way down to the foreshore. Just before dusk, we will take up our positions around the Montevideo Maru Memorial. Here we will pay our respects to all of those who perished aboard this “Hell Ship”, along with remembering those
Australian prisoners of war executed at Tol Plantation. This service will be conducted by Father Allan of St Francis Xavier Parish and the Rabaul Historical Society. Light refreshments & finger food will follow at the famous New
Guinea Club, home of the Rabaul Historical Society and where Errol Flynn was once a member.
A light supper will be served afterwards back at the hotel. The evening will be our final time together for those on the core tour. Dinner will be ready early so everyone can enjoy an early night in preparation for the long flight tomorrow.

Day Five 27th April “IOURO – GOODBYE”
Luggage should be left outside the room ready for collection prior to an early breakfast in the restaurant (or if you prefer sandwiches to take with you?) before heading to the airport for departure.

After breakfast, we stop at the Rabaul Bung (Market) to breathe the culture and look at the local produce. Guests may even wish to try the local obsession – “Buai” beetlenut with lime and mustard. Guests may also wish to try the local ‘karamaps’, PNG takaway food of banana, fish, greens wrapped in banana leaves. We then travel along famous
Burma Road and stop at the cross roads where the Lark Force tried to make their escape. We follow the windy roads along the famous Toma Ridge and stop for a photo opportunity at Coastwatchers/Malmaluan look out. On the way back, we will stop at Rakunai Church to see the story of Pete To’Rot, soon to be PNG’s first Saint. We will return for lunch at the Rabaul Hotel. After a siesta, guests will have the option of exploring the local area on foot, accompanied by a local guide or taking a small bus ride to the Rabaul shops, or perhaps visit St Martin’s Elementary School to
hand out books, pens, footballs etc, anything you may wish to bring from Australia as a good will gesture. Alternatively, visit the wonderful ladies of the Rabaul Town Clinic if you have any left over Panadol, etc
to donate to the clinic, they would be so grateful. On sundown, we travel to the site of the old German Governor Albert Hahl’s residence at Namanula Hill where we will take in the vista of Simpson Harbour and few refreshing ‘sundowners’ before dinner at the hotel.

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